Our Services

Te Whare Matatini Hauora

This service provides sub-acute beds for tangata whaiora with high complex needs. It is also the intention to reduce individuals admission to secondary care. It is a four bedded whare with kaimahi available 24 hours a day. Referral into this service is from the Crisis Mental Health Team and Te Whare O Matairangi based at the Wellington Hospital and Te Whare Marie. The availablity of these beds are managed through ARC. Tangata whaiora come with a plan and are reviewed periodically by their referral team. Tangata whaiora stay could be from one day to twelve months and this is dependent upon the availability of other services in the community

Nga Kaihoe Whakatere (Navigation)

We provide this service between Porirua and Wellington and the main objective to motivate and empower tangata whaiora to reach and achieve their desired dreams and aspirations.This is accomplished with kaimahi working individually with tangata whaiora and their whanau to access the services and supports that will lessen their dependency on mental health and addiction services. together a personalised plan is developed and the plan is to achieve these identified goals. Kaimahi within this team also have the ability to refer into Te Whare Tautoko.

Te Whare Tautoko (Home Base)

Referral into this service is from Nga Kaihoe Whakatere and Service Coordination and supported by tangata whaiora case managers. Between case manager, tangata whaiora and Te Whare Tautoko hours are identified to support each tangata whaiora to achieve key tasks such as meal planning and preparation, shopping, cleaning, washing; and medication management, personal cares such as hygiene and dressing.