About Us

About us

Te Waka Whaiora Trust (TWWT) is a charitable trust located in Porirua. We were formed in April 2013 as a result of an amalgamation of two key Kaupapa Māori Health Providers in the Wellington region. The two organisations, Te Roopu Whakapakari Ora Trust and Te Roopu Pookai Taaniwhaniwha undertook a process to merge as a combining resources strategy. Combining our resources, knowledge, workforce, infrastructures and systems not only increased efficiency but it also increased capacity and capability.

Our approach recognises that our transformation to TWWT is not only about collaboration as service providers, but is also represented in our capacity to reconfigure existing delivery models to a better aligned Kaupapa Māori approach. Our approach is based on the following key principles including:


Our core values:

Mahi tahi (co-operation);
Manaakitanga (caring);
Te pono, kia tika te mahi (honesty and trustworthiness);
Whakamana (honour);
Whaia te iti kahurangi (professionalism);
Kia ngatahi te hoe (unity).

Our vision:

United we take our journey, one heart, one mind, one voice

Everyone within the community takes responsibility for the achievement of this vision. In unison a group can navigate a waka through both turbulent and calm waters. This requires everyone on the waka to support each other in times of trial and in times of joy. Our responsibility is to support and encourage our whānau to greater well-being.

The TWWT tohu utilizes the analogy of the waka. It serves as a vehicle to support the achievement of wellness. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness, all participants in the waka must row in unison. The tohu symbolizes the fact that no matter where you sit on the waka, your contribution is meaningful to the achievement of the wider goals and objectives.

Our Mission:

‘Awhi mai awhi atu’
Whānau support is our vehicle for transformation

Our operations are underpinned by principles and beliefs that when weaved together provide a foundation for us to work alongside whānau in recognizing and acknowledging their diversity, supporting greater independence in a meaningful culturally appropriate way.

TWWT will deliver services through our delivery model called Te Ara Tika.


         WHANAU ORA 


The goal of Te Ara Tika is to take Tangata Whaiora from a dependency way of life to an independent healthy lifestyle by providing a range of services to achieve this and, as far as possible, reduce readmission to acute services. TWWT has taken Te Ara Tika for the name of their service delivery and, to reflect the focus on tikanga Māori, has based the design of the model on the Poutama.

The Poutama represents the steps of the journey undertaken by Tangata Whaiora as they move from ‘whānau’ to ‘whānau ora’ and highlights the stages of moving people from dependency to independency.

 In planning the recovery for the individual, it will be important to plan actions to connect or reconnect them to a whānau group who can provide them with support. The concept of ‘whānau’ is an important feature of Māori culture and must be interpreted in its widest sense rather than the narrower concept of the nuclear family. Once the whānau member is healthy and coping with everyday life and the whānau is equipped with the skills to support them, then the whole family experiences total well-being or whānau ora. We prefer this terminology as we want a more inclusive approach starting with the question Ko wai to whānau?  Who is your family?